Section 11 Learning event

The LSCP held a Section 11 ‘Learning Event’ to look in detail how organisations across the partnership included ‘the voice of children and young people’ within their practice.

Partners were asked to share how they are listening to children and young people and how this is making a difference to safeguarding in Leeds. The event gave partners the opportunity to challenge and support each other about their work, to share and learn from good practice and identify areas for improvement. The Student LSCP played an active role in this event by being part of the question panel.

The following organisations participated in the Learning Event: Adult Social Care & Public Health, Leeds City College, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Leeds South and East, Leeds West, Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group, Leeds Youth Offending Service, National Probation Service, West Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, Leeds City Council Children’s Services.

As a result of their involvement, the Student LSCP has designed the following poster of 5 principles organisations should consider when working with children and young people, as a prompt for organisations to use when working with children and young people within their organisations.

These principles are:

1. Are children and young people involved in decision making?

2. Is your venue child friendly?

3. Have your staff had safeguarding training?

4. Do you actively seek and respond to feedback from the children and young people that you work with?

5. Do you cater for all children and young people's needs?

The following poster containing the 5 principles is available on request.

5 Principles for working with children and young people